Jaci Hull, LMFT


Jaci leads Hakomi trainings and workshops throughout the U.S., Canada and Brazil.  She has served as as faculty for the Somatic Psychology M.A. program at Naropa University and for the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute.  Jaci serves on the Hakomi Institute Board of Directors and was a co-developer of Experiential Couples Psychotherapy. She also contributed to the recently published book: Hakomi: Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy.(Norton, 2015) She received her degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University in 1997.  Her post-graduate training includes Family Therapy, EMDR II, Somatic Trauma Resolution, Brainspotting, Group Leadership Training and she is a Certified Relational Life Therapist. A licensed psychotherapist in Boulder, Co. for over 30 years, Jaci works with individuals and couples.

Contact: 403.770.1582

Email: hakomicalgary@gmail.com

Beth Falch-Neilsen, RCC


Beth Falch-Nielsen is the lead trainer in Edmonton.   She teaches in BC,  Edmonton and Calgary, as well as Portland, OR.  She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor as well as a Certified Hakomi Therapist/ Trainer.    She has been in the counselling field for over 35 years and has maintained a private practice for over 25 years.   Her private practice is in Burnaby, BC.   Besides working with individuals, she also specializes in doing couples work and training others in a mindfulness based, experiential way of working with couples.

Client Phone: 604-566-1109
Email: hakomibeth@shaw.ca

Magi Cooper


Magi Cooper is a Certified Hakomi Therapist and Teacher in private practice. Magi facilitates Respectful Relationships and Relationship Violence Prevention Programs for the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. Since her first workshop with Jon Eisman in 1992, Magi has been committed to the spiritual principles and practices of Hakomi. Standing firmly in the Hakomi principle of non-violence, she has been an advocate of domestic peace for over 20 years. She brings compassion, mindfulness and loving presence to her work with marginalized populations, as well as a deep understanding of Cedar Barstow’s work around the Right Use of Power. She and her husband Bob Morrissey (also a Hakomi Therapist and Teacher) use their passion for Hakomi as the underpinning of their work with couples.Magi lives, works and kayaks on Vancouver Island.

Anna Harland MSW


 Anna a clinical social worker with a Masters of Social Work from McGill University (2004). She has 15 years of counseling experience, working with adult men and women.  Anna is an an experienced social work field instructor with teaching experience in the areas of clinical practice, trauma, anti-oppressive social work practice, and sexuality.
She  practices a variety of mindfulness based therapies and truly believes that emotional healing occurs through the body. Through her own yoga and meditation practice, she continues to deepen and grow emotionally and spiritually. She finds solitude and challenge by exploring the mountains and tries to find  beauty wherever she is.  

Anna  believes that compassionate actions can & will heal the world.